​The Medi-Ject Injection System was developed by John Fischbach back in 1979, while going to Graduate School at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  It is a Macro Injection method developed for the Iron Chlorosis problem on Pin Oaks, Maples, Sweetgum and River Birch.  Basically, any tree suffering from Iron Chlorosis can be successfully injected with this system.  Iron treatments usually lasts  

for 5 years or longer.  

More info  @ www.medi-jecttree.com 

River Birch, Bald Cyprus and Maples are injected with Iron and Manganese

The Lesser of 2 evils, wounds must be made at a depth of approximately 2 inches into the xylem tissue.  the wounds are made on the flare roots.  No excuvation of the soil covering the roots is necessary.  One method recommends this but, we are concerned about the soil being placed back over the wounds when the treatment is completed.  The soil contains DECAY organisms which will cause problems for the trees. 

Injector tees are tthen placed in these holes and securely set using a rubber mallet. A harness of tubing connects the injectors tees with the reservoir.  

Here in Nebraka, we start treatments in June.  During the summer, 2 refills of water must be added to carry the nutrients up into the canopy.  Fall treatments ( September and October ) only one refill of water is necessary.

Cost is fairly inexpensive


River Birch Chlorosis

River Birches are highly susceptible to deficiencies to iron and manganese. Injections can effectively correct the leaves to turn greener.

Iron Chlorosis Deficency

We utilize the Medi-Ject Tree Injection System which provides an effective green up within the tree in 7 to 10 Days.​ Retreatment is not necessary for 5 years.  We Guarantee our work for 3 Years.

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