Cost per tree is about 1/2 of what the University of Nebraska recommends.

We charge $10.00 trunk diameter

( circumference divided by 3.14 equals diameter ).


Nematodes  Kills  Scotch  Pines

The Scotch pine on the right has been invaded and KILLED with Nematodes.  The long horn sawyer beetle transmits the nematodes when it feeds.  The nematodes reproduce inside the the water conducting tissue of the tree.  Eventually, the nematodes plug the xylem tissue and the trees dries out.  Needles hanging on, is an indication of the nematodes have killed the tree.

Healthy trees can be successfully protected with a chemical called abamectin.  Treatment cost is fairly inexpensive and it protects for 3 years. A treatment must be done during the months of April and May.

The beetles emerge in late May, so the protectant chemical must be in the tree before they start feeding.

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