Emerald Ash Borer

Imidiacloprid or Merit will not kill our Native Ash Borer because it is a Moth.  

Merit will only kill beetles.

​and it will kill Honey Bees.

Our native Ash Borer will eventually kill your ash tree(s).

Use our services, and

we will kill all 3 destructive insects.

Pine Sawfly

Pine sawfly is the larvae of a wasp that looks like a fly.  Young larvae start out by stripping the green tissue off the vein.  As they get older, then just eat the entire needle.  They only eat last year's needles.  They ruin the landscape value of the trees.


Bagworms hatch in Late May and are most vulnerable to sprays.  As they feed on the foliage, they spin dead leaves around themselves with silken thread.

Native Ash / Lila​c Borer

Your ash tree (s) can be protected from this insect  with a trunk injection of an insecticide in the early spring.

We put out sex pheromone traps in the spring to determine when the moths are active.

If not protected, this insect kills branches of larger trees  but it can kill smaller trees.

Emerald Ash Borer

EAB has surrounded Des Moines and have been found in several counties in Iowa.  Nebraska maybe

Treatment Option :     2  to 3 years treatment  
$ 8.00 per DBH or $2.55 per circumference inch   Neighbor Assocations: $6.00 per DBH
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