Emerald Ash Borer is native to Asia.  It was discover first in Detroit, Michigan in 2002.  It has moved from county to county by firewood.  So please, burn ash wood where you buy it.  Egg laying and feeding start in the upper crown of the trees. Adults feed on the  leaves and then over  a period of years, the female adult moves down eventually to the trunk over a period of years,  to lay her eggs, eventually killing the tree. There is available a 2-3 years treatment using a Emamectin Benzoate insecticide.  Which will control the borer by 95%.                

University researchers recommend waiting until May to start the trunk injections.  Trunk injections can occur from May until September.


The compound "Merit" is recommended for homeowners upto 60 inches in circumference. It must be done 30 days prior to adult emergence and will only be effective for 1 YEAR.  Do not allow the application to runoff into streets because it is TOXIC to fish.  Do not apply within 20 feet of flowering shrubs because it is TOXIC to honey bees.  Be sure to read the label and calculate the maximum amount per acre, that can be applied.

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Treatment Cost

One Year application $ 5.00 per inch DBH

Three Year application  $ 8.00 per inch DBH

​Group Discount Available

We use the product called Emamectin Benzoate

for our 3 years application

Both Treatments will kill all 3 of the ash borers that attack ash trees

Note:  Imidiacloprid ( trunk injected or soil applied ) also called Merit  does notkill Native Ash Borer.  Imidiacloprid is only effective against beetles and mites.

​We know we already have the native Lilac/Ash borer, of which is a MOTH and it will eventually KILL Your Ash tree too.

Iowa has EAB.  As of April 2015, Des Moines is now surrounded by counties where the insect has been found.

Eastern Nebraska speculates it may already be here.

It has been recommended by state officials to side on caution and

protect your ash trees now.

Emerald Ash Borer